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Premium speeds are guaranteed. Which hoster is interesting for whom? A considerable number of filehosters offer unlimited downloads. In other words, for you as a user, this means unlimited download files at any time. The speed is presented with 300 Mbit, suitable for almost every internet connection. Many people know jDownloader. All you have to do is book the Premium Account, you can now activate mass downloads. The registration is necessary to book the Premium Account, the running time is selectable in five versions. About Linkifier it can be said that it is a small group of competent people who have expertise and the necessary know-how. After all, 80 filehosters are present with considerable speeds, which is by no means standard. The guiding principle is “the desired file is flexibly retrieved at the desired time”. Linkifier is a multihoster, in other words, different filehosters can be activated easily.


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What is actually Multihosting

Multihosting is the name of a high-quality server. The customer is enabled to gain access to filehosters; uploading even large files is considerably accelerated, as is downloading. Remarkable at Linkifier is the stately number of 80 filehosters that can be used. The user simply inserts the link from the file and the download is started immediately. Linkifier also scores with 50 servers. One-click accounts are no longer relevant, the ideal premium account at Linkifier is sufficient. By the way, there are no daily limits for downloading. If you want to promote Linkifier, register in the affiliate program. Commissions of up to 40% are quite possible.

Linkifier experiences

Linkifier has been active in the industry since 2015. Among the 80 announced filehosters are Rapidgator, Bigfile, Turbobit, FileFactory and Uploaded. The Premium Account scores points with its many advantages and flexible use. Linkifier offers a free account as well as a premium account for which a fee is charged. For free use, all you need to do is enter your e-mail address. Test Linkifier for free and gain your own personal Linkifier experience. The Premium Account is offered with five terms. However, only prices in USD are published. The fees are charged once, not monthly as usual.

Terms 30 days 90 days 180 days 730 days Lifelong
USD 9,99 26,99 44,99 149,99 299,99
Up to 300 MB/sec. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Linkifier scores with special offers, for example there was a generous Christmas offer which promised discounts of over 50%. This discount was valid for both offers for 730 days or the “lifetime” version. 730 days for 84.99 USD or lifelong for 149.99 USD are to be considered generous. Many gamers made use of this generous discount offer. Currently, the 180-day offer is the preferred version. The price for 30 days is considered quite high by some users; however, the other versions are quite affordable. The usability is proverbial. On the website you can register with your e-mail address. You scroll down to your important information. The advantages of a paid account have to be considered. The complete range of filehosters is available to you, you can activate over 80 alternatives at any time. Waiting times or even advertisements are of course not relevant if you use the Premium Account. The free offer contains some restrictions. Privacy is also an important factor at Linkifier. The latest Linkifier test report states that the Linkifier experiences published so far are mostly positive. The possibility of being able to test the provider free of charge has provided a plus point.

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Payment options with Linkifier

The payment can be processed via PayPal or credit cards. WebMoney up to Skrill are acceptable. If you want to use Bitcoin, you can also do so. The Paysafecard also belongs to the payment options. Below are the payment providers in keywords:

  • PayPal
  • PaySafeCard
  • different credit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Payza

Various download tools

Linkifier increases the quality of its services by enabling you to connect to appropriate tools.


Version 2, which jDownloard presents, has already convinced a large number of users. It is worth mentioning that the compatibility with various download platforms exists.


This special download files accelerator supports the speed.


The well-known powerful download manager will help you with your downloads. Among other things, it takes care of error checking. Download managers are quite useful and should also be used.

The highlight is the use of more than 80 filehosters, which you can activate at any time. The price-performance ratio is quite reasonable; the provider scores with above-average services. You can download an unlimited number of files. The high speed is also worth mentioning.

Comparison of different areas through Linkifier

VPN means secure surfing and downloading. Linkifier presents VPN recommendations. The filehosters recommended by Linkifier are highly recommended.

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Securities guaranteed by Linkifier

Data security is known to every user, but does every user take this word so seriously? Linkifier does it for you: The data storage begins with the registration. Linkifier uses and passes on data to third parties exclusively to established, well-known partners. SSL encryption is standard at Linkifier; there is also additional protection against malware scans. Transactions are processed via gateway providers. Linkifier experience is not yet available in masses, but the range of functions, the price-performance ratio and the optimal runtime offers are already rated as very good.

Linkifier Test 2019/2020

The brand-new Linkifer test, by the way, refers to the 80 filehosters; the Linkifier experiences mention in praise that the filehosters can be used efficiently for the most part. With a suitable Internet connection, the offered speed is one hundred percent feasible. The interest in this still relatively young company is constantly growing. The seriousness, the various possibilities and the high safety precautions make Linkifier a fair partner. The advantages highlighted in the Linkifer Test in keywords:

  • Download scores with high speed
  • Traffic is unlimited
  • 80 filehosters are available, can be called up at any time
  • no waiting time, no annoying advertising
  • parallel downloads are possible
  • tolerable price-performance ratio

It is worth mentioning that Linkifier transparently allows every user to view the list of available filehosters. Updating the list is one of Linkifier’s priorities. In addition, relevant information is noted in the list, such as the daily speed or “unlimited” is confirmed. Some providers only allow viewing this list after registration and opening a premium account. So you are not buying the “cat in the bag”. In the Linkifier test, the fees for each model were calculated on the average price per month.

Running time / days US-D Monthly average in US-D
30 9,99 9,99
90 26,99 8,99
180 44,99 7,49
730 149,99 6,25

This is where the real price, which is usually charged monthly, crystallizes. USD 9.99 currently yields EUR 8.93. 6.25 USD are to be calculated with 5.59 Euro. In the Linkifier Test 2019, the provider is rated as follows “Linkifier is one of the best Premium Link Generator Services” Linkifier ensures excellent results in every Linkifer Test. It makes sense that every user makes his own Linkifier experience and activates the free account first, then opens a Premium Account. The test criteria briefly outlined:

  • Quality of service
  • Download speed
  • Server speed
  • User support
  • Conditions for refunds

If you are interested in downloading new movies, music and games, Linkifier is the place to be. The user can comfortably download files the well-known one-click-hosters, but pays for only one account. Linkifier can be used with all downloaders. Although Linkifier is still relatively new, it has already created a high level of awareness. Mainly the access to many filehosters, the enormous speed and downloading without limitation were evaluation criteria in 2019. Linkifier passed the tests with flying colors and currently scores with affordable prices and extensive services. Linkifier is the recommendation for the demanding user.

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Linkifier functions can be used extensively

Linkifier is compatible with major file hosts, while the maximum download speed is quite remarkable. One account is sufficient for activating different file hosts. It is extremely cost-intensive to create a Premium Account for each important file host, while the Premium Account of Linkifier guarantees the connection to the file hosts. Linkifier is worthwhile for users who regularly download large files. In addition, the access to 80 filehosters allows acceptable alternatives; if a filehoster is off the net or has been removed, there are enough other filehosters available. In any case, it makes sense to book the Premium Account. By the way, the customer support is evaluated by many users as competent and helpful.


Linkifier scores with a Premium Account that promises and keeps high speeds. 80 filehosters guarantee uncomplicated downloading, even if filehosters are not available at the moment. The generosity of the provider is evident in the Christmas offer. Linkifier offers seasonal discounts, depending on the season or other occasions. Basically, the price-performance ratio is reasonable, because the various functions have to be considered. Parallel downloads can be realized without problems. Annoying waiting times and advertising inserts are no longer relevant for the user once the account is booked. Linkifier is an unprecedented provider. The user can download his files from Linkifier, there are no limits. Full speed can be used at any time. Linkifier guarantees inexpensive and unlimited downloading.

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